Material profiles for product intelligence.

GreenBlue’s Material IQ℠ provides in-depth sustainability information about materials used in a variety of products and industrial sectors.

The Material IQ Profile

Human and environmental health data, certifications, and key sustainability indicators—all in one place.

Material IQ offers a one-stop solution for better material selection and product design by providing third-party validated toxicity data and other sustainability attributes.

The service allows suppliers to list the sustainability attributes of their materials for customers in one place, and gives product manufacturers convenient access to all of the information they need to choose better materials during the design process.

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Material IQ is for:

Material Suppliers

One stop solution for sharing compliance and material data

  • Save time and money by standardizing and consolidating reporting
  • Demonstrate compliance across different standards, ecolabels or restricted substance lists
  • Access a centralized resource to help meet toxicity requirements for eco-standards and banned/restricted substances lists
  • Reach new customers who value transparency and are seeking alternative materials

Product Manufacturers

One stop solution for material selection and better product design

  • Easily compare material options through standardized, simplified toxicity information
  • Save time and money on screening materials and collecting data
  • Encourage data transparency across the supply chain

Why Material IQ

Modern-day supply chains are global and complex with multiple tiers of suppliers, making it very difficult for manufacturers, brand owners and component suppliers to obtain the information they need to adequately characterize their products.

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GreenBlue is looking for manufacturers to participate in pilot projects to explore how Material IQ can help them design and manufacture more sustainable products.


James Ewell
Director Sustainable Materials
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