The Profile

Material IQ profiles are designed to communicate complex material hazard information in a clear and concise manner at every level of your supply chain

Product Summary

Each Product Profile in MiQ offers a comprehensive, third party-validated hazard evaluation of chemical, mixture or material level products.

  • Screening methodologies include ListTranslator™, SciVera Lens™ or GreenScreen™ for Safer Chemicals
  • Summary view of potential chemical hazards that may be cited on regulatory lists, restricted substance lists or certifications
  • Suppliers can report the "preferable characteristics" of their products without disclosing confidential information
  • Trade name of products with full description of common applications
  • Hazard information conveyed in a simple interface to easily facilitate comparisons
  • Material IQ is intended to be a design tool for all manufacturers, providing insight in how to improve their products

Third Party Labels

Suppliers select third party labels (e.g., standards, ecolabels, restricted substance or "watch" lists), which have material health requirements that are relevant to their industry

For Suppliers:

A scalable method for consolidating their reporting obligations or customer requests

For Manufacturers:

No other resource provides compliance information at the chemical, mixture or material level. Easily verify if more complex assembly or finished products meet third party requirements such as REACH, RoHS, LEED or EPEAT.

Key Sustainability Indicators

MiQ provides users with a one-stop resource for all information related to the sustainability attributes of suppliers’ products that are not easily accessible or that can only be obtained directly from suppliers

  • No other resource provides this information for intermediate products
  • Sustainability information can be provided at the product or facility level
  • Suppliers select the indicators they wish to report, reflecting the priorities or market requirements of their particular industry sector
  • Manufacturers can recognize and reward suppliers who are already applying sustainability strategies to the design & manufacturing of their products
  • Engage suppliers who are want to learn more about sustainable manufacturing but need more guidance

Company Profile

Company Profile information is intended to facilitate contact and dialogue between manufacturers and their customers

  • Sales and Technical representative contact information
  • Product-specific marketing materials
  • High resolution product images

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